Building a community of faith through the teachings of the apostles, worship, breaking bread, and prayer.

We believe in the importance of following the teachings of the apostles and living a life that honors the gospel of Christ. Our mission is to spread the message of love and hope to all who join us. Through regular studies of the apostles’ teachings, we strive to deepen our understanding of the Christian faith and to live it out in our daily lives.

Worship and fellowship are central to our community at EKKLESIA GOLD. We believe that worship is not just about singing songs, but about coming together as a community to lift our voices in praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our worship services are filled with Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, allowing us to experience the love and presence of God in a tangible way. We also place a strong emphasis on breaking bread and prayer, both in public and in private. Whether through group prayer or individual reflection, we believe that prayer is an essential component of our faith and helps us grow closer to God.

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